Own your property.
Own your future.

You make your building and neighborhood valuable.
We make sure you keep it all.

How it Works

Go from renter to owner.

The commercial real estate market is designed to keep you renting. Here's how we break the cycle.

Step 1

You apply in minutes.

Running a business is a 24/7 job. So we made putting together your “paperwork” as easy as a few clicks. Link tools you already use to run your business and drag-and-drop your lease. It’s 100% free and confidential.

Step 2

We give it to you straight.

We’ll help you understand the health of your lease(s) and what you can — and should — pay for a building you’re interested in owning. We arm you with personalized insights to understand the real estate relationships you’re already in.

Step 3

We build your best strategy.

If you’re still looking for the right property or want to know your options, we’ll source properties that fit your specifications and budget. We recommend a course of action, make offers, and handle the negotiations with landlords.

Step 4

We buy the building for you.

After an accepted offer, we finalize our terms — rent, buyback price, and appreciation — and run property due diligence to settle any issues with the building pre-purchase. We stay organized and educate you on key decisions we’re making along the way.

Step 5

You rent as the future owner.

You begin your 10 year lease, offering you long-term security. Each year you rent, we contribute 2% of the buyback price towards your down payment credit. Within 5 years you have a 10% credit to purchase the building.

Step 6

You buyback the building.

It’s your time to buy with your 10% down payment credit. We connect you with vetted lenders and help you get mortgage-ready, including for the Small Business Administration’s small business friendly loan program.

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