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From Main Streets to Manhattan, our beloved local businesses are being pushed out at unprecedented rates, replaced with corporate brands or empty storefronts. America is losing its small business backbone — its diversity, energy, and competitive edge. We're a team of technologists, operators, and investors trying to radically transform what it means to be a small business owner in America today. We're hiring across the board. Join our mission.

Our Culture

How we operate

While small business is for everyone, withco’s culture is not for everyone. In fact, it’s for a very, very, very select group of people. If these valued behaviors describe you, and the people you want to work with, you're like to thrive here.
Join the fight


You run towards hard problems and through walls for solutions. You ruthlessly prioritize, focus, and deliver. You have an insatiable sense of urgency and pace.


You want to be the best at what you do and are at withco to realize that. You are fervently committed to producing great work for its own sake. You are obsessed with solving problems for the company and its customers.


You are a pioneer who seeks to eagerly learn from the best. You are a dedicated student of our business - master the rules to know where to break them. You seek patterns and connections other people miss.


You believe in building long-term, systemic solutions. You embrace the inevitable ups and downs with fortitude, transforming failures into learnings. You are allergic to cynicism and complaining and give more energy than you take.


You simplify then simplify then simplify. You practice concise, coherent, and direct communication. You evangelize relevant information as context for others to build on top of.


You do what you say you’ll do. You understand that self-reliance and having strong points of view are required for the job. You make, communicate, and own your decisions.


You seek what is best for withco, not yourself or your team. You deeply believe in an idea meritocracy. You crave feedback as a tool to make yourself and the team stronger.

What does it mean to be with company?

The problem we’re solving is very, very hard - the industry is fragmented, the data sets are massive, and the stakes are high. But every day we get closer, and nothing is more motivating than working with this team to scale our impact.
David Oh
Software Engineer
Building meaningful relationships with our partners is an incredible way to learn and see the first hand impact of our work. We’re doing groundbreaking work for multiple industries.
Celeste Pylko
Real Estate Operations
Every partnership we establish with a business owner validates why this is a problem worth solving. It’s rewarding to work somewhere helping to change what it means to be a business owner in America.
Stu Little
Team pic

Your happiness is our success

We offer generous benefits that enable you to feel as rewarded in your personal life as you do at work.
Competitive compensation
Exceptional healthcare
Hybrid work policy
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Retreats across America
Paid family leave
Unlimited vacation

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