Join us and make it exciting to be a small business owner in America again

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From Main Streets to Manhattan, our beloved local businesses are being pushed out at unprecedented rates, replaced with corporate brands or empty storefronts. America is losing its small business backbone — its diversity, energy, and competitive edge. We're a team of technologists, operators, and investors trying to radically transform what it means to be a small business owner in America today. We're hiring across the board. Join our mission.

Our Values

How we operate

Our values aren't a fuzzy feeling, but our structural DNA. We use them every day to make hard calls and move our work forward.
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Start Small, Dream Big

We invent, build, and execute to meaningfully improve the lives of our small business partners. We constantly improve and drive towards hitting ambitious goals. We operate from a place of humility and upcycle mistakes into feedback and learnings.

Really Own It

We are relentlessly resourceful, "do what we say we'll do", and care about the details. When we see a problem, we roll up our sleeves because it's our responsibility to take care of it. We focus on outcomes, look for opportunity, and celebrate a growth-mindset.

Act Fast, Learn Fast

We utilize first principles and diverse perspectives to prioritize the right problems and solutions. We have a bias for action to rapidly and rigorously test hypotheses, show evidence of progress with data, and then double down on what works.

Hustle to honesty

We seek to quickly and courageously get to the truth, especially if it's scary or inconvenient. We assume positive intent and are open, honest, and direct about problems.

What does it mean to be with company?

The problem we’re solving is very, very hard - the industry is fragmented, the data sets are massive, and the stakes are high. But every day we get closer, and nothing is more motivating than working with this team to scale our impact.
Pablo Napolitano
Head of Product
Building meaningful relationships with our partners is an incredible way to learn and see the first hand impact of our work. We’re doing groundbreaking work for multiple industries.
Celeste Pylko
Real Estate Operations
Every partnership we establish with a business owner validates why this is a problem worth solving. It’s rewarding to work somewhere helping to change what it means to be a business owner in America.
Stu Little
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Your happiness is our success

We offer best-in-class benefits that enable you to feel as rewarded in your personal life as you do at work.
Competitive compensation
Exceptional healthcare
Hybrid work policy
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Retreats across America
Paid family leave
Unlimited vacation

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Join us and make it exciting to be a small business owner in America again.