Meet some of withco’s amazing small business partners

Stu Little
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Published on July 11, 2022

We’ve partnered with many incredible local businesses all across the country to help them become property owners. 

At withco, we base our success on the success of our local business partners, and we couldn’t be more proud of the entrepreneurs we’ve partnered with to date. From an independent car dealership in Florida to a family-run restaurant in New Mexico, we’ve partnered with a wide range of businesses that have impressed us with their ownership mindset and serious business savvy. 

Below, get to know some of our recent partners from various industries across the U.S.—and see a full list of what we use to qualify small business partners for our lease-to-own model here
The Carriage House is a family-run business headed by OJ Wilkins in Jefferson, GA.

OJ Wilkins, The Carriage House 

Jefferson, GA 

OJ Wilkins has been running his own business since he was 16 years old and has launched several successful food and beverage businesses in his hometown over the years. His beloved concept, The Carriage House, has been serving up Southern country cooking to hungry locals in a gorgeous 18th-century farmhouse for over five years, but when the property went up for sale in 2020, Wilkins didn’t have the means at the time to take out a mortgage. Luckily, withco got wind of the deal and got in touch.

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Waiiti Castillo of Fern Park, FL, found stability in her small business property through withco's lease-to-own model. Photo by Carlos Amoedo.

Waiiti Castillo, DealerMax Auto

Fern Park, FL 

It was an all-too-familiar call last year for Waiiti Castillo when her landlord notified her that he was selling the building she rented from him to run her used auto dealership. Even though Castillo has 15 years of experience selling cars, she’d had to move three times in four years due to changes in property ownership at the places she rented. But this time, Castillo would not be forced to move—her landlord put her in touch with withco, and we were able to qualify her for our lease-to-own model.

Read all about Waiiti Castillo’s journey to property ownership here.
Learn how a family-run restaurant in New Mexico found financial flexibility with lease-to-own.

Isela & Cuco Tapia, Cuco’s Kitchen

Albuquerque, NM 

After moving their popular restaurant 13 times in nearly 30 years, the Tapias were ready to settle down for good. They had always wanted to own their restaurant’s property, but never had the means to make a down payment on a mortgage. Now, the Cucos are on their way to owning their first restaurant property and have opened multiple new locations thanks to the financial flexibility that withco’s lease-to-own partnership affords them.

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