Better Than Renting: Lease-to-own your office space

Laura Rozner
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Published on October 3, 2022

Looking to rent office space near you? Try our new lease-to-own partnership and learn how you could own your commercial property in just 5 years.

Securing a small office space for your business and employees is excellent for team camaraderie, involvement in the local community, and boosting productivity. However, the competitive and expensive real estate market can make it impossible for small, local businesses to find an office they can call their work home. Enter lease-to-own partnerships, an excellent way for local businesses to take advantage of their local real estate market.

If you’re looking for an office space for your business, using a lease-to-own model is a great way to avoid the stress of buying a property or the hassle of full-on leasing. With lease-to-own, you can focus your time and energy on making your business excel.

But how does lease-to-own work? And how does it help you find office space in your area? We break down those questions below. Keep reading if you’re looking for a lease-to-own small office space near you. 

How to lease-to-own your next office space 

While we wish every small office for rent could be part of a lease-to-own partnership, that unfortunately isn’t the case. You’ll need to work with your real estate broker and different building landlords to determine if a property is offers a lease-to-own option. 

But there’s an easier way. At withco, we partner with small, local businesses looking for spaces to rent near them and determine if they are eligible for our lease-to-own partnership. Then, our small business real estate experts help them find the perfect property for their business and set them up for lease-to-own. In our lease-to-own partnerships, we purchase the small business’s real estate on their behalf, and help them earn the down payment needed to purchase the property from us over the course of a 5-year lease. 

With lease-to-own, you can secure the business property of your dreams without having to front a hefty down payment on a mortgage or sign a lease that will leave your real estate future vulnerable and uncertain to market shifts. There are many benefits to going the lease-to-own route for your office space. Keep reading to find out. 

Read our step-by-step guide to lease-to-own.  

Secure the best property for your business 

At withco, your success is our success. We know what makes good real estate, and we only invest in properties that will be a good fit for your business. It’s not just about location—amenities and layout matter just as much. We know that you want an office space that your entire team will love—after all, they’ll be working in it for forty hours a week. As you work with your withco small business real estate expert, these are the factors we’ll keep in mind as you search for the perfect property:

  • Central business districts: You want to encourage your employees to come into the office. To do that, give them plenty of options for food and fun. Make sure the area you pick has nearby delicious restaurants for your employees to enjoy after work or nice places to walk when they need a break. This is also beneficial when scheduling business lunches with clients. You won’t have to go very far for those meetings, and you can impress your customers with delicious, local food. 
  • Quality interior and layout: No one wants to work in a small, bleak place that has bug problems and not much natural light. Find a location that gives your employees a great place to rest and a great place to be inspired when they need a pick-me-up. Also, make sure the site has lots of amenities. Good starting points include nice bathrooms, a kitchen to make meals, and break rooms.
  • High-traffic area: Consider picking a location that has a steady flow of pedestrians passing by. Those could be your future customers. For example, let’s say your small office is in a downtown area. You’ll get free advertisements by having your office name in a busy place. 

Find real estate your team can grow into 

With lease-to-own, you’re investing in a property that you will own in the future, for many years to come. It will be essential to pick an office near you that that has the flexibility to fit your current and future team. No one wants to work in an office where you cram employees in every corner. Some employees will need their own space to do their best work, and you want to be able to provide that for them. 

You have the ability to secure real estate that you can grow into with lease-to-0wn. Since you’re treated like a property owner from the moment you sign your withco lease-to-own partnership, you can make upgrades and adjustments to your space as you see fit to grow your business. We can even help you with the cost of a build out if your business qualifies—just ask your withco small business real estate expert how the process works. 

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