Better Than Renting: Lease-to-own retail space near you

Mel Hahn
Published on November 4, 2022

Interested in renting retail space? There may be a better option than leasing.

Though it may seem like the easiest option for your business real estate, leasing can leave you vulnerable to rent hikes, displacement, and a general lack of control of your space. Given real estate is essential to the success of your business, you may want to consider lease-to-own. 

Lease-to-own partnerships are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to own their retail space. Instead of having to save up a ton of money for a down payment or deal with the competitive renter’s market, business owners can secure their dream property and put a portion of their rent towards a down payment to purchase it. If you’re looking to secure your retail space for the long-term and add an impressive asset to your financial portfolio, using a lease-to-own model is the easiest way for business owners to own their property. 

But how do you get started with a lease-to-own model? And how do you find a retail space for rent near you? We’re breaking down those questions in the blog below. 

First Step: See if you qualify for lease-to-own

Unfortunately, you can’t apply the lease-to-own partnership to every shop available for rent. The best order of business will be to get in touch with a company like withco, a real estate company that has designed its lease-to-own partnership process specifically for businesses. The real estate advisor team at withco will discuss your real estate goals, business financials, and your current lease status. To find out more about who qualifies for lease-to-own, click here

Why lease-to-own? 

Lease-to-own partnerships allow you the security of owning your real estate without the expensive cost of a down payment on a mortgage. Instead of sinking your capital into the large cost of rent each month, you could actually be earning a down payment to purchase your property, building up your net worth and generational wealth for your family.

Even if you have the capital to pay for a down payment on a mortgage, you may not want to tie it all up in a single, costly asset. Our lease-to-own model allows you the flexibility to use your capital to run your business, while we take care of the real estate.  

Understand the benefits of owning your property. 

withco’s lease-to-own process

So, how does it actually work? 

  1. Once we determine whether you’re qualified and understand your real estate needs, we’ll underwrite your business and determine a max real estate budget so that we can start the search for your property. 
  2. Next, we’ll set you up with a trusted local broker to find you the property of your dreams. 
  3. After we locate the perfect property, withco will make an offer on the building on your behalf, handling all the negotiations and legalese. 
  4. You’ll then enter into a five-year withco lease—but don’t worry. We aren’t like other leases. You’ll pay rent just like you always would, only now, each month, a portion of your rent will go towards a down payment to purchase the property at the end of the lease. You’ll also be able to treat the property as your own from day one—feel free to make any updates or improvements that will help you run your business! 
  5. At the end of five years, you’ll use the down payment you earned from withco to purchase the property from us. Voila! You now own your business’s commercial property. 

Want to see if lease-to-own is right for you?

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