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How does withco help small business owners become property owners?

We’re so glad you asked! Many businesses want to buy their business’s property, but lack the money needed for a down payment on a mortgage. We solve this problem through our lease-to-own model. It goes like this: 

  1. First, we make sure the small business is qualified for our lease-to-own model and property ownership down the road. We determine what the small business can afford, then we either secure their current space or help them find a new space that’s a better fit for their business.
  2. withco purchases a property occupied by a small business and becomes the new landlord. The new lease agreement will include:
    1. A set rent price for five years.
    2. A predetermined purchase price for the property at the end of the lease.
  3. The small business earns equity every time they pay rent over the course of their five-year lease. 
    1. “Equity” = money that the small business owner can use toward a down payment to purchase the property. 
    2. The small business tenant never pays more than market rent and withco will never increase the rent. 
  4. After five years, the small business purchases their property from withco at the predetermined price using the down payment equity they’ve earned. 
    1. The down payment is used towards taking out a mortgage on the property. Our end goal is to set up our small business partners with an SBA mortgage at the end of their lease. Hurray for property ownership! 

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